The Essentials of Malaysia E-Commerce Web Design & Development

The Essentials of Malaysia E-Commerce Web Design & Development

Numerous individuals find irresistible the idea of having a e-commerce website, but get fearful when they hear the expression “e-commerce web design or web development”.

Nevertheless, you do not need to be a specialist with years of computer programming cleverness to make a grand e-commerce website? Luckily, producing a first-class e-commerce website design in Malaysia is not as troublesome as it may sound, once you know the basics.

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Before you start working on the appealing part of the e-commerce website, you need to work on your website’s content.

After all, people are going to want to visit your page for more than just appealing pictures!

Grab a sheet of paper or notebook and make a list of the main areas that you think others will want to visit. “About me”, “home”, and “links” are commonly good pages to get you moving.


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Once you know what you want to have or need on your e-commerce website, it’s time to begin organizing!

Folks like it when it’s straightforward to tell what is where but do not like a flood of links to click, the simpler your site is the better.

If a few relevant things go together, it generally is OK to put them on the same page.

For example, “About me” could also tell your hobbies and favourite music instead of having separate pages for your music, your hobbies and you as an example.


As soon as all the information has been chosen and sorted, you can then get your layout designed.

The three things that are the most key when designing your e-commerce website’s layout are compatibility, visibility, and ease of use. That is what makes a good site great.


Visibility suggests that your page is easy to read. Choose at least two contrasting complimentary colours for your pages. It is essential to make sure the colours are very different in shades to make it easy to read.

As a rule light text on a dark background or dark text on a light background is most effective. Also steer clear of using background images as it makes reading complicated.


User-friendliness means that it is straightforward for folks visiting your page to find what they call for.

All the main pages you developed earlier should be clearly linked on an easy to read menu that will be in the same place on every one of your pages.

If you have any sub pages, a site map linked in the footer of your web page is also a great thought.


The most critical of the three concerns is compatibility. If your visitors can’t load your site, they will not be able to benefit from it!

Don’t use things like flash or silverlight as they do not work on all browsers or all operating systems and can crash slower computers.

Also, check your site across a number of browsers to make sure the code works well. Using W3C compliant code will in general assist the dilemma out loads.

As soon as you get down to the essentials, web design and web development is not very complex.

Just consider the three keys of compatibility, visibility, and ease of use and organize your site well and you will be doing incredibly well. Do not be scared to make your own web page yourself.

Give it an attempt and you might just be very ecstatic and delighted with the outcome.

Did you find these tips on web design and web development useful?

With over extensive years of web design and web development experience, Lamanify is sure to help build and develop your online presence and create your e-commerce website into something that would attract, keep, and convert people into customers.

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