Translation Job Registration Form

Are you looking for an extra income? Get yourself paid IMMEDIATELY after you have done your part.

We are looking for a talented people just like to help us on translating simple blog article from English to Malay. With a flexibility of completion of up to 4 days per article, you are required to translate a 3000 Words English article into Malay. For every article, we will be paying RM60*. Register your interest on the form below!

*Terms and conditions applied.

Translation Sample (Please translate the text in the given box below)
Tenant problems plague landlords every day. However, reducing rent to maintain good tenants and evicting problem tenants may not be the best courses of action. While lower rents obviously affect a landlord’s profitability, evictions are also expensive and can cost a landlord time, money, and resource to conduct. In addition to the basic turnover expenses such as marketing, lost rent, new paint, and appliance repairs, attorneys’ fees for evicting a tenant can be outrageous. Also, a tenant may vent his or her anger by purposefully damaging the property.

Terms & Conditions

  • Payment terms shall be 30% + 70%. First payment of 30% will be made upon 900 translated words and the remaining 70% shall be after the completion of the work.
  • 2 Revisions are applicable (if necessary) prior to final payment.
  • English to Malay Translation shall abide the following rules:
    • No Google Translated translations
    • Requires 100% human translation
    • Every sentence needs to be easy to read and understand.
    • Awkward/weird sentence upon reading is not acceptable.
    • No slangs/shortforms.
    • Fun and engaging to read.
  • Completion of works shall be done within 4 days.
  • Late submission shall entitle to pay cut. Rational reasons of being late are acceptable.
  • Payments will be done through online bank transfer under Lamanify Web Services.
  • Lamanify Web Services has the right to reject the submission if the translation quality does not abide the terms and conditions stated in this page.