Getting lots of traffic to your site is not an overnight job. It needs diligence and a lot of hard work. And, if your current website is not performing well as well as affecting your business then it’s a time to revive your website.

Every website needs continuous improvement, be it the content, the look, the feel, etc. Before, the stage arises when your website is unable to generate a potent traffic towards it, one should definitely go for redesigning the website.

Generally, websites are affected with minor things which go unnoticed, it doesn’t matter how big your website is; if it is not properly linked it’ll be overlooked.

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Fixing your broken website.

So, to drive traffic towards your website you need to follow some important tips:

Simple ways of drawing maximum web traffic:

Use of Keywords

Rank your website high by using preferred keywords on the main search engines like Google, msn and yahoo search engine. Empower your search engine optimization; SEO helps in “organic” or “natural” search, which is a non-paid service.

Advertise it Well

Advertise your website in an appropriate UseNet group, for example, Google. Try banner advertising, it’s a good option to advertise your website, you can also text link and put your website ads on other site. Submit your website to various privately run link Dictionaries and search engines. These will generate traffic massively and pour specified visitor.

Social Networking Sites as a Medium

Use social networking websites as much as you can. These websites generate high web traffic; you can use your creativity, and start a group to advertise your website. Basically, these networking sites are used not to advertise but to give information.

Link the website

Link your website with other websites, this also know as reciprocal linking, use link manager to be at safer side as some people are not honest they could remove linking within few days. Keep tracking that that you are properly reciprocated by your linking partner.

Email marketing

You can rely on banner exchange program as it doesn’t cost much and can get visitors to your website. Try email marketing, this is one of the most cost effective marketing ways in which you can send information about special information and products etc.

But, use this tool carefully, it can be annoying sometimes as people get frustrated after seeing their inbox full and your mail can go unread. Encourage your client to write review for you, no matter, whether it’s short or long, it gives good impression to new users and helps to know about the website.

Create an RSS

Create an RSS for your website, by this the visitors sign up to your site for getting news and updates. Search engines also list website according to their content, if you want your website listing at the top follow SEO tactics, keep your site up-to-date and informative. Keep your site fresh; maintain the entry of new and innovative articles on your website. Don’t copy paste articles from other website as it can be subject to legal dispute because some articles are copyrighted, you can’t also generate interest in your reader by the articles which they have already read.

Audio & Video

Audio and video elements play an important role. Make you website little innovative and interesting, add videos, people prefer to watch video than reading as watching is lot easier. Don’t put auto played video; it can annoy your viewers.

Image result for man fresh
Keep your website fresh!

So, always keep your website fresh in look as well as feel. And, incorporate timely changes for increasing the web traffic towards your website. Also, come out of the misconception that an expensive and well designed website can grab the attention of visitors, all your hard work can be nullified if your website doesn’t have much to serve.

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