What is Minisite Design | 2018 Version

What is a Minisite?

minisite is a website by which companies offer information about one specific product or product group. Typically, a minisite is enhanced by various multimedia content, such as an animated, narrated introduction, and accompanied by a visual scheme which complements the product well. – Wikipedia

In short, minisite is a simple way (without having to pay much) to create a website for your product and make your business appears on the search engine like Google.

Any difference between Minisite and a Website?

NO. A minisite is a website. Period. There are no difference between them. Minisite design is just to tell you that the website is specifically designed to give a brief and direct information about your business. Thats it.


Why Minisite is better?

What makes minisites better at selling individual products than the bigger, more robust content sites?

Simple, there are much fewer distractions for the visitor and minisites are generally designed for getting one action from the visitor.

Your prospective customer basically has two options to choose from, which are;

  1. Make the desired action that you are presenting them OR
  2. Leave the site

Minisites are most popularly used by direct marketers selling information products;

..and they incorporate direct response marketing strategies, and effective copy writing that is focused on funneling the website’s visitors to take one action. Initially, the prospective customer could be sent to a squeeze page (opt-in page) to first capture the customer’s information, so that the marketer can then follow up with the prospective customers in the future.

It’s basically that simple and this is a profitable business model that internet entrepreneurs should consider using when selling individual products.

The idea here is…

…to send targeted web traffic to your minisites that focuses on selling one specific product or service, whether that is an ebook, membership subscription, multi media course or some specific service.

This product should be something that provides a solution to people within a specific market. It should either be a solution to a problem they have or something that can help them achieve a desired goal.


..to ensure that your mini site can convert the visitor into a customer or subscriber depending on your goal, you’ll need to first make sure that you do your due diligence and properly research your market, before creating your product and website. In short, you will need to know exactly who your target market is and what it is your market wants.

Once you know your market and what they really want, you can then create a minisite that is crafted with them in mind. You will then want to target that audience in your promotions, and then direct them to your site.

If you keep in mind what your prospective customer wants and focus on the benefits of the product, not so much the details of it, you will certainly be on the right track to creating your minisites the right way.

The Design

Designing minisite what is

Designing a minisite with all your requirements might be tough if you are new on the world of website. However, it is still important for you to design a professional-looking website to build your brand and maintain your customer’s trust towards your business.

A minisite design is no different than a normal website design.

A professional website need to be clean, less cluttered and gives direct information to the potential customers. You might win over your competitors by choosing a modern-looking website with the minimal design due to the current trend that youngsters have more tendency on making a purchase at these kind of web designs.

If you are interested on leveraging your business through a fully customized website that caters all your requirement, get in touch with us and we’ll give you the lowest of the lowest price compared with the market price.

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Lamanify is a specialist in creating minisites design. If you have questions regarding minisites, or would love to create your own minisites but no one to help you, feel free to contact us!

Or you can WhatsApp Us instead.

We are here to guide.

Everyone can own a website now.

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